About the Chamber

About the Liverpool Chamber of Commerce

Liverpool Chamber’s goal from the start: to improve the community

A reference in the book writen at the time of Liverpool’s Centenial (1930) references a Businessment’s Organization in the early 1900s perhaps forming in 1903. But that group isbanded in 1905 and there are no records of another formal oranization until 1927

Then, in September 1927 a Liverpool Chamber of Commerce was organized with the following objective: The object of this organization shall be the advertising, advancement and improvement of the commercial, industrial, residential and civic interest of Liverpool and vicinity.”

Retail merchants, bankers, residents, elected officials…they all joined together to improve Liverpool. and one of the first issues to be dicussed was cleanup of Onondaga Lake.

In the 1950s Crandall Melvin, Sr. credited the Liverpool Chamber with supporting his efforts in the 1930s to: “clean up the swamp near Liverpool.”

Community activities were the pride of the Liverpool Chamber of Commerce. Meeting twice each month from October through May, the group was the original sponsor of Boy Scout Troop 65. Each year a dinner with the troop brought out area families to enjoy such events as boxing exhibitions. The “ladies nights” proved popular with special efforts made on the meals, decorations and entertainment. The inclusion of these events for wives and sweethearts and records, which show only men as officer’s , indicate the Liverpool Chamber was a “men only” group.

The Chamber Grows

Efforts by the Syracuse Chamber to attract the General Electric Co. to the Electronics Park were strongly supported by the Liverpool Chamber and the economic growth of the Greater Liverpool area was begun.

Membership numbered more than 200 with at least on an annual banquet at the new high school (A.V. Zogg building) drawing more than 400 people.

Sometime in 1930, business people with the village formed a separate organization to deal specifically with the business issues and concerns. There is some sketchy records showing men and women in the group but officers list only men.

Both the Liverpool Chamber and the Liverpool Businessmen continued to co-exist with many people maintaining membership in both groups. At different times serving as officers, first of one group and then the other.

On November 1, 1975 the Liverpool Chamber and those businesses that were left from the Businessmen’s Association joined together to form the Greater Liverpool Chamber of Commerce, Inc. The geographic area targeted for the new chamber was the consolidated school district. The new group would serve portions of both the towns of Clay and Salina and the village of Liverpool and, while programs would be open to the community, the new Chamber was a business organization. Its 1st President was John Landers. Madeleine L. Gaffney was Executive Secretary who made $2.75 and Hour.

Records indicate that in 1994 the Chamber included its interest in both school and the larger community. One of these programs that are still supported by the Greater Liverpool Chamber scholarship fund and a portion of the proceeds from the annual Golf Tournament are the local Dollars for Scholars.

The primary interest has always and still is to promote programs stressing business growth and advancement. Promoting local retail business through regular programs like the Business Before and After Hours, the Monthly luncheons, the Treasure Hunt and participating in the SOHO show. Through the Training for Business Growth committee we encourage small start-up businesses, and continue to have on going seminars and Brown Bag series to encourage personal and business development to grow their business.

We belong to the Better Business Bureau and support their efforts to ensure Fair treatment of both business and the consumer

In 1988 it was decided that the Chamber could do better and agreed that it needed an Executive Director. Sally Eldred Served for over 10 years in this position with Kathy Nagle who was the Administrative assistant.

When the Chamber moved into the Gleason Mansion it gave the Chamber the opportunity to participate in the Business Incubator Project in the space available there and to provide tenants with business services to the fledgling businesses. As experienced business people, our members can provide valuable advice and inspiration to the younger firms.

One of the Goals was to develop an image or identity for the entire community that will make others stand up and notice.

With nearly 400 members the Greater Liverpool Chamber continues to strive to meet the goals first set out over 47 years ago. It continues to promote tourism in the area, answer questions about area demographic to those companies who consider Greater Liverpool for relocation. The chamber also answers hundred of consumer questions each year regarding lodging, eateries, stores and services.

The chamber continues to prove that Greater Liverpool is the greatest place in Central new to Live and take are of Business.