We are here for you at the Liverpool Chamber.

Ryan McMahon from the County has given numerous places to call. A simple reminder you can just call 211. The place to call for help and to help.

Being a member we are focus on you.

This is a benefit for being a member.

  1. We will be making links as to who is open and their capacity.
  2. We will make sure we get information that is current to you as we get it.
  3. We will providing you with Zoom Networking events.
  4. We will not take you off the website for non payment during this period. However those who can pay please do. We are also accepting quarterly payments. During the next 90 days we will not send you any over due notices.

During this time, take advantage of our Social Media and Zoom events. Learn more about each other.

Click here to get your updates on the Coronavirus. Fact Sheets, Zoom events, Who to contact to get help.